Ancient City Of Troy


Depart Istanbul at 07:00 return by 19:00 

The famed city of Troy is usually high on every tourist’s sightseeing list and it makes a great ( but long ) day trip from Istanbul. Fated down through the ages, Troy is the legendary for the long Trojan War and the epic of Illiad, which told the battle. The archaeological site itself is an ancient attraction that has revealed a myriad of cities built on top of each other and has a history arching back 5,000 years.  

Our full day tour starts early in the morning with a short ferry ride which takes us from Europe to the continent of Asia. We will be driving with a great panoramic view of the coastline. For those who will be interested we will also stop in the battlefields. 

We will enjoy a lunch at a local restaurant before arriving to Troy. At the entrance of the City we can see the replica of the huge wooden Trojan Horse from the movie of Troy.  

In the ancient city we explore the ruins of the Temple of Athena, the Megaron House and the Odeon where music shows and poetry readings took place. 

We learn about the daily life of the city as we visit the Bouleuterion where the council of citizens would meet, and the Agora or the city's market place.

Finally we will be visiting the Troy Museum in Canakkale before returning back to Istanbul. The Troy Museum, which is one of the most important examples of the contemporary archaeological museum chosen by more than 150 projects by an internationally respected jury committee in the National Architectural Design Competition, was opened to visitors in October 2018 Troy Year.



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