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Kadıköy district is the center of the Anatolian side of the city, it’s also the pride and joy of Istanbul.

One of Istanbul’s oldest settlements, its history, along with the root of its name, date back to around 675 BC when the Phoenicians inhabited the area and called it ‘Carhadon’. Today Kadikoy is a lively living hub with many historical buildings, unique Street market, Street cafe’s, restaurants and famous patisserie shops.  There’s movement and activity 24 hours of the day in Kadıköy, and its restaurants, cafés, galleries, bookstores and antique shops are some of the best in the city.  

Places that will be seen & visited 

Boat Ride from Karakoy to Kadiköy Pier – Municipal ferry ride will take about 20 minutes and you will be sailing towards the Sea of Marmara towards the direction of Prince’s Islands. From this ferry ride you will be able to see some of the monumental buildings of the Ottoman Era such as Selimiye Barracs, now use as Marmara University Haydarpada Campus ( Originally Military School of Medicine and later as High School ), Haydarpasa Train Station. 

Kadıkoy Market Place & Bahariye Street – One of the best open market places you will see here, fish market  & grocery and gourmet stores are all located here and open air tea and coffee houses are there  to take  break and watch the passers- by. 

The Tellalzade Street - Famous for its antique shops and second-hand bookstores.

Sanatcilar (Artists) Street – Place to find variety of pretty ceramics, paintings and art shops by the local ceramics artists.

The Bull Stattue -  The Bull Statue is one of the most popular symbols and meeting points of Kadikoy. The real name of the statue is “fighting bull statue” and it has a very intersting story that will be told by your guide. 

Moda Neighborhood -  One of the coolest neighborhoods of the city Moda is one of the liveliest and nicest part of the city with many cafes, restaurants , Turkish pubs, beautiful tea gardens , art shops and the beautiful sea side view of Istanbul.  

In the tour we will be stopping over in the famous Turkish delight, patisserie and nut shops, try different tastes and have a lunch in one of the local restaurants.  


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