Istanbul Artists' Atelier Tour

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We organise Istanbul artist studio tours for art lovers and art collectors.

Artists' Atelier Tour  offers you an extraordinary opportunity to meet local artists in their working environments and learn more about their creative processes.

Visit the working studios of Istanbul artists, and learn more about the contemporary art scene in the city. Enjoy the unique opportunity to engage with an artist,  to spend valuable time into a creative environment not usually open to the public.

Artists generally love to present a history of their work, convey their vision, guide the visitors through their studios and show their new pieces. A conversation then starts with the artist who is often very interested in how other people see his/her work.

Due to  spatial distribution of urban changes the artists studios have been moving rapidly and are spread within the city. We visit the studios in Kuzguncuk, Karaköy  and/or Kadıköy. By walking around those small neighbourhoods you will get to know the main features of the old hans and houses through the ages.

The entire tour can be coordinated either private transportation or public transportation, and can include up to 5 artists -painters and sculptors- and be conducted in English. You are welcome to  purchase any work you may choose.


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