Cradle of Civilization Antioch /Antakya

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Hatay can easily be called the cradle of civilizations as well as the home of early Christianity.  The city has been the home of numerous civilizations since the early Bronze age. Under the Roman rule, Antioch continued to thrive with commerce and culture.  Antioch – todays Antalya lies on the banks of the Asi River ( known as Orontes in Greek/ Roman times) on a fertile plain surrounded by grand mountains.

Antakya possesses an incredible culinary culture that fascinates its visitors. Therefore, Hatay tour can be considered as a historical culinary tour 


Take the early morning flight from Istanbul to Hatay. Your local guide will meet you at the Airport and you will first start with the city tour. 

Those are the sites you will be visiting 

Habibi Neccar Mosque – The mosque was named after Habib’i Neccar   a carpenter, who lived in the time of Jesus Christ. In the early years of Christianity, he was martyred by the pagans, who refused to convert. He was canonized a Christian saint. In Antiquity  there was most probably a pagan temple in place of the current mosque.

St. Pierre Church – St Pierre Church is composed of a cave carved into the mountainside on Mount Srarius with a depth of 13 m and a width of 9.5 m. This cave is considered to be one of the oldest churches of Christianity. 

St. Simeon Monastery – The Syrian monastery dedicated to St. Simeon, fifth century monk who set off a trend for hermits to live on top of pillars, has become saint even while he was still alive. According to one version, he lived on one particular pillar for the final 45 years of his long life  and he preached from the top of it.   

Old City of Antakya -  Take a lunch break in the old town of Antakya to see the amazing market place and try the culinary goods of the city. 

Hatay Archeological Museum- After lunch break visit the museum where the world’s second largest collection of 2nd and 3rd century mosaics plus depictions of Narcissus and Orpheus, Thalasaa and the statue of BC King Suppilulium and much more are on display.

In the evening fly back to Istanbul 

2 days & 1 Night option is available and recommended upon request 

 In this case the following day you will visit the Samandagi Mountains Area first visiting the only remaining Armenian village of Vakifli then continue the  trip down the Roman water tunnel known as the Titus Tunnel and explore the beautiful Besikli Magara caves. 

Overnight in the amazing Museum Hotel of Antakya.



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