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Aphrodisias is one of the oldest but relatively less known sacred sites in Turkey. Dedicated to the ancient Mother Goddess and the Greek goddess Aphrodite, it was the site of magnificent Temple of Aphrodite and renowned for its school of sculpture that produces masterful works made from the finest marble. 

Today, the Temple of Aphrodite is well-preserved and partially restored. This site with its large theater, stadium and on-site museum displaying vast numbers of ancient sculptures will amaze you. The nicest part is that Aphrodisias is off the beaten path so it isn’t as accessible as other sites therefore you will enjoy the peace and tranquility while visiting the site. Aphrodisias  has recently became UNESCO World Heritage Site.  


Day 1 – Fly to Denizli Cardak Airport in the morning. Your private guide will meet you at the Airport and you will drive to Aydin, Geyre to Aphrodisias which will take about two hours. This is a huge Ancient site and to see it properly you will need at least 3 – 4 hours. Unlike Ephesus and Hierapolis this is a site which is not crowded with tourist, so you will really enjoy the site in piece. You will see the following sites. 

Atrium house – A large townhouse dating back to Hellenistic period. 

Tetrapylon – Most striking and well-known structure Aphrodisias which is the monumental gate which greeted pilgrims as they approached the Temple of Aphrodite.  

Stadium – This stadium is the most well-preserved and the biggest of its kind in the Mediterranean holding up to 30,000 people.  

Temple of Aphrodite – The focal point of the , once the center of the City.  

The Bishop’s Palace – Private residence 

Odeon or Bouleuterion – This is one the well-preserved structures of the City, the city’s concert hall as well as its Senate House with the capacity of 1700. 

Baths of Hadrian – These baths were built in the 2nd century BC in honor of Emperor Hadrian. The complex once had changing rooms for man and women, cold room, cold room, hot room. This is also remarkable well preserved. 

Agora – Aphrodisias has two agoras – north and south and you will see both.  

Theatre – One of the best parts of the ancient city ,built in the 1st century BC , this well-preserved theatre can accommodate up to 8000 spectators. 

Sebasteion – Build in the 1st century AD in honor Aphrodite and Imperial Sebastos , comprised of a courtyard with two parallel three storied porticos. 

Archaeology Museum - Sculptures , reliefs , and artifacts are on display at this small but exceptional museum. 

Ara Guler famous Turkish photographer and the lost city of Aphrodisias – At the entrance of the museum there is the Ara Guler’s first black-white photographs of not yet discovered Aphrodisias and the story behind it which will put smiles to your face. 

After the Aphrodisias visit drive back to Denizli and overnight. 

Day 2 – Take the morning flight back to Istanbul

** This tour can be combined pre or post for the following tours.  


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