Culinary Capital of Turkey Gaziantep

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Gaziantep’s history of the city goes back to the paleolithic ages and with its ancient heritage this city is  exactly the cradle of cultures. There is also the world-famous Gaziantep Cuisine, so this day trip to Gaziantep could easily be considered as a culinary cultural tour.  


Take the early morning flight to Gaziantep. You will be met by your local guide upon arrival and your first stop will be to one of the best mosaic museums of the world which is Zeugma Museum.  Today in the Zeugma Mosaics Museum 500-meter square-wide mosaics, 35 mosaic panels as well as the famous 1,50 cm long bronze Mars and Aphrodite statutes are in display. The Museum is proudly the second biggest mosaic Museum of the World. The Museum will easily take at least 2 hours to visit. After the Museum visit you will be ready for lunch . Your local guide will direct you to one of the local restaurants according to your choice. After the lunch break you will start your Old City tour of Gaziantep where you will discover many interesting old streets, small museums about the daily life of Ayuntap which is now known as Gaziantep,  you will visit the lively market place with historical khans,  baklava shops and many more. You will have time to shop and see the daily life of the city before taking the evening flight back to your starting destination.  


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