Zero Point In History Göbeklitepe - Şanlıurfa


If you are on a tight schedule and can only spare a day, this option is perfect for you to visit  the world’s oldest temple and the burial place which is dating back to 11,500 years. 


Take the early morning flight to Urfa arriving before mid-day and directly drive over to Gobeklitepe to visit the oldest man-made place of worship in the world , dating back an incredible 11,500 years. The site stunned archaeologist when it was discovered and its sheer expanse and craftmanship is overwhelming with exquisite stone carvings of people , lions , foxes, snakes and birds which are the oldest known art in the world. Take as much time as you like in the site of Göbeklitepe with your private local guide who will give you all the latest information about the site and its new discoveries. After Gobeklitepe visit drive to  historical city of Sanliurfa and after lunch break in a local restaurant, you will be visiting the New Sanliurfa Archeological Museum. Museum entrance starts with the  Zero Point in history with the Göbeklitepe findings and as you walk through the museum you will be traveling  in time  archeologically in a  chronological order  up to Roman period . The Museum consist of two separate parts , almost like a museum within a museum. Since the discovery of Halepli Garden mosaics are within the museum garden’s premises, you will also be visiting the Mosaic Museum in its original location of discovery. The Museum visit will take at least 2 hours. After the museum visit you will have enough time before your flight  to visit the historical Prophets City  which is the most spiritual city of Eastern Turkey. Urfa castle (the current walls were constructed by the Abbasids in 814AD), the Pool of Sacred Fish where Abraham was thrown into the fire by Nimrod, the park of mosques, the market area  will be visited and you will have a chance to breath this historic city  atmosphere.

Later on, you will be transferred back to GAP Airport to take the evening flight back to your starting point. 

The video shows the Gobeklitepe site with our group with Graham Hancock and Andrew Collins ( the writer of the book Genesis of The Gods )    




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